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Today’s Conservatives, Today’s Government

Thank you for your interest. This is an exciting time to become a Conservative with the party leading the coalition Government under the leadership of our Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

However, those working for Conservative values on a national level cannot do so without the significant help and support of the members of the party at local level.

Here, in and around Watford, we are also facing some unique and provoking challenges. In 2010 Richard Harrington was elected as the Conservative MP for Watford and we are now looking to build on that success for future local council elections. If you feel that you can be part of an initiative on a wide range of campaigns for local people, who with a local Liberal Democrat council that lacks any clear direction are turning to the Conservatives to change our area for the better, join us today and make a positive difference for Watford.

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However, it is our members who drive that change. Being a member involves as much or as little as you’d like. Some people choose to get involved actively, while others simply pay the £25.00 subscription annually and support us that way.

If you’d like to get actively involved in our work, there are a range of activities you can take up with us, from fundraising to delivering our literature along your street.

Membership also gives you voting rights when it comes to matters essential to the party’s work. For example, you may be called upon to decide who the next leader of the party is, thereby playing a part in choosing a potential future Prime Minister.

However you want to get involved, we’ll keep you up to date to ensure you’re always aware of local issues, campaigns and Conservative activities in Watford and nationally.

If you’re interested in joining, just email us. We’ll be in touch very soon.