Local News

Watford First to Trial New Voting Rules

On Monday 22nd January, Richard Harrington MP invited Constitution Minister Chloe Smith MP to Watford to discuss new voting rules that are currently being trialled in Watford. 

Nearly 5,000 Apprenticeships in Watford!

Richard Harrington and Watford Conservatives have warmly welcomed news that there have been 4,700 apprenticeship starts in Watford since 2010.

Conservative candidate George Jabbour selected for next Mayoral Election

Watford Conservatives last night voted to select engineering and investment specialist George Jabbour as their candidate for Mayor of Watford at next May’s local election. The vote was taken by the local party after three local candidates were shortlisted to go forward to the final round.

Richard Harrington Re-Elected

At 3:02am on Friday 9th June 2017, Richard Harrington was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Watford. 

He said: 

100% of Hertfordshire libraries and children's centres kept open

Conservative County Councillors in Hertfordshire have fought to keep all our 46 libraries open. It's essential that whilst we make back-office savings, we should strive to keep all our frontline services open, and Hertfordshire County Council has proven that tax cuts don't mean budget cuts.