Penny Edwards for Nascot

Hello. I am a 31 year old local resident with a passion for our community. Of the many things I love about Watford, high on the list is its great parks and green spaces which I enjoy walking in and exploring with my husband and daughter.  Watford needs to protect and preserve these precious areas.

Improving local amenities will be a priority for me should you chose me as your councillor.  I plan to raise my family here and want to make Nascot a cleaner and safer part of Watford.

Like many local residents, I commute to my job in London where I work in the wine trade, relying on public transport links to get me there.  If you elect me I will lend my weight to efforts to improve local transport facilities wherever possible.

My Promise:
I will work with our MP, Richard Harrington, and other politicians of all parties for the greater good of Nascot and Watford.
I will fight for more democracy and transparency in the Town Hall.
I will strenuously oppose plans that compromise the unique character of Nascot, such as inappropriate back-garden development.
I will fight for better infrastructure in Watford and continue my work to improve our open spaces.
I will support those seeking to regulate the activities of Watford’s clubs and bars and reverse the spreading tide of anti-social behaviour.