Watford Conservatives appoint Greg Barrow as new party chairman

The Conservative Party in Watford has appointed a new chairman.

Greg Barrow has stepped into his new role in the party and says he is ready to listen to constituents and “hold the council to account”.

Mr Barrow, who has lived in Watford for most of his life, has been involved in the party for many years, and Mr Barrow says he is prepared to work all year round alongside side his activists and candidates to solve any concerns people may have.

This is despite there currently being no elected Tory councillors in Watford, although the MP, Richard Harrington, is Conservative.

Mr Barrow said: “In its simplest form, the main aim of any political party is to listen to constituents’ concerns and work to solve them. This is what the Watford Conservatives are doing all year round.

“All around the country, we can see that elected Conservative councillors are fighting for lower taxes and better services for their constituents. Over the coming months, we will set out our vision for Watford Borough Council in our manifesto, built using the feedback we have received from you.

“I want to reassure you that electing a Conservative candidate to the council does not mean a massive swing in policy overnight, or that the activities you enjoy that are provided by the council will change. It means true representation. It means that elected representatives are held to account for the decisions they make, and it means meaningful debates are conducted over issues you care about.

“I am very proud to have been elected as the new chairman of Watford Conservatives. My role is to ensure that we get your message out across the whole of Watford and to show that our Conservative Party can offer an attractive, accountable, safe pair of hands to look after your interests.”

Mr Barrow is founder and chairman of Hargeant Ltd, a PAYE Umbrella company based ay Warner Bros Studios, Leavesden. He lives in Watford with his wife and children.

You can get in touch with Mr Barrow at chairman@watfordconservatives.org.uk