Anthony Parker

Dedicated local campaigner with a strong commitment to Callowland. “I am lucky to live in a rich and diverse area with great people and a variety of local businesses that contribute to our thriving community. This ward is an important part of our town and I want to make sure it gets the representation it deserves”.

Key issues:

Parking – There isn’t enough parking provided for our residents, who struggle to find a space in the evening when they arrive home from work - a time where they should be relaxing. More needs to be done to find solutions to this issue, and expand the number of spaces available, rather than forcing residents to pay for a permit which would increase the financial burden on them personally as well as causing local businesses to suffer.

Over development – While the need for more affordable housing is clear, it is vital that considerations are made for areas like ours that are very limited in space. We are currently suffering from over development in areas such as the Leavesden Baptist Church, Shakespear industrial estate, and the 150 homes planned to be built opposite the railway terrace. I will continue to monitor these developments and the impact they are having on our community; I hope to be in a position to fight against these kind of developments in the future.

Potholes - Potholes are a constant problem in an urban area like ours, it is crucial that we do more to highlight them and get them dealt with quicker and more efficiently than we have done in the past; we need to push harder on this. 

Cycling on pavements - Our pavements are often very congested with our small businesses attracting a lot of customers. It is important from an economic perspective that we keep our pavements secure and prevent cyclists from posing a threat to customers and other members of the community who are using them. More vigilance is needed and heavier sanctions applied to cyclists who disregard resident's safety. 

Litter - Residents deserve to live in a nice, clean environment and it is in all of our interests for us to take pride in the area in which we live and keep our streets clean. Bruce Grove has become a particular problem regarding this issue and it will only get worse the longer it is allowed to continue. I have participated in our Conservative Association's Watford Rubbish Friend's initiative which taps into the spirit of the community to help clean up our town in a rewarding and sustainable way; I believe this approach can be used to great effect here.