David Lloyd - Police and Crime Commissioner

I am proud to be the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

I believe in cutting crime, keeping taxes low and catching more criminals. I also believe that it is the criminal who should be punished, not the victim. People should be able to go about their lawful business in Hertfordshire, without worrying about becoming victims of crime.

Before being elected as PCC, I was Chairman of the Hertfordshire Police Authority. During this time, crime fell by approximately 20% and significantly more criminals were caught – despite my freezing the police precept and ensuring the public didn't pay a penny more.

I am excited by the opportunities that being the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire presents. For the first time, there will be real democratic accountability for decisions about policing and crime – key issues that affect us all. I will be answerable to you, the public, and I want us to work together to cut crime and to tackle the issues that matter most.