Dennis Wharton

Dennis Wharton has lived and worked in Watford for nearly 20years. He teaches at a local school and lives in the ward. He cares deeply about his community and understands the importance of working together on the local issues that really matter.


Working with businesses and shops in Central

Having run a small business myself in the recent past, I understand only too well the issues

facing small businesses. One recent issue I have raised with the Council is to support local

business by making parking easier. Parking could be restricted during business hours (park

between 1 and 2 hours) near local shops and business to attract more customers. This

would prevent spaces being ‘hogged’ all day by commuters.


Housing development that works for us

I’ll fight to ensure that a fair percentage of new builds are allocated affordable housing, that

they are built mainly on ‘Brownfield Sites’ (previously used for commercial and industrial

purposes) helping our young people realise their dream of buying their first home; keeping

Watford’s families together.


End the rubbish tax

Watford Council can charge over £100 per item for household waste, regardless of income

status. I will campaign to end or subsidise the cost of bulky waste for low income




As parking becomes more of an issue, alternative solutions need to be sought. On behalf of

residents I have already raised the issue of parking in the Controlled Parking Zone. The

zone times between 8am and 6.30pm are not working and Dennis has asked the Borough

Council for a rethink. Residents would like the zone times extended beyond 6.30pm.


Working together to cut crime

I will work closely with the local police, the Borough Council, Watford Housing Community

Trust, and with the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, to work towards a safer

and crime free ward. I would like to see an expansion of the neighbourhood watch scheme

in more parts of Central Ward and build on the success of existing schemes, working

toward a safer neighbourhood. Local crimes e.g. vandalism, fly tipping, drugs etc can be reported at