Joseph Gornicki - Borough Council Candidate for Oxhey

A born and bred Oxhey resident who has a passion for his local community. Having only come on board in the recent local election, Joseph has already made a big impact in his ward through his hands-on approach to local campaigning; tirelessly highlighting issues and engaging with residents to be as representative as possible for the area. He is a very active candidate and he has developed a sound understanding of the problems facing the Oxhey community, which he is ready to tackle if elected.

Joseph’s five-point plan:

Housing and Planning – While the need for more affordable housing in this country is clear, Joseph understands the negative impact bad planning permissions can have on an area which is already as built up as Oxhey. Planning needs to be aligned with the interests of the local area and have a minimal disruptive effect on other residents. It also needs to be a balanced approach to build more small businesses in the area, not just houses

Parking – Joseph feels that parking needs reform in Oxhey; residents should have the right to park conveniently next to their homes and have priority over spaces.

Roads – The condition of the roads in Oxhey is unacceptable. Joseph has been consistently reporting pot holes in the area, with Deacon’s Hill being one of the worst offenders. He has committed to take ownership of this issue to make sure they are dealt with much more efficiently than in previous years.

Better services and lower taxes – With Council Tax rising by 3% this year, Joseph wants to emulate the Conservative approach on the local level which has been so successful in offering better services and lower taxes across the country. Oxhey residents deserve a better deal than what is currently being offered.

A Conservative voice on our Council – There are currently no Conservatives on our local Council; it is presently composed of 26 Liberal Democrats and 10 Labour councillors. Joseph believes this lack of wider representation has led to a complacent approach which has resulted in voters feeling disenfranchised, with their interests being poorly represented. He wants to offer Oxhey a fresh Conservative voice on the Council, that can hold the other parties to account and put the Oxhey community first. We cannot continue letting the Lib Dems continue to rubber stamp policies through with no accountability.

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