Lola Adedoyin - Borough Council Candidate for Stanborough

 "Stanborough is a wonderful place to live and has a lot of potential to grow, with strong local businesses and great schools. I want to do more to build on the strong foundation we have here and deliver the representation our residents deserve".


Working with businesses and shops in Stanborough

Conservative values and policies are already backing local companies by cutting

corporation tax from 28% in 2010 to the current 19% rate. I want to build on these for

Stanborough. I understand the issues facing small businesses in our area. I’ll run a local

business forum, bringing together employers, community groups & the Council to ensure

our local economy thrives and gives local people good jobs.


Housing development that works for us

I understand the impact that large scale development can have on our community. I’ll make

sure that the new housing Watford needs works for us, not just developers, and that we

protect our Green Belt. I’ll fight to ensure that a fair percentage is allocated to affordable

housing, helping our young people realise their dream of buying their first home; keeping

Watford’s families together.



Parking has become an issue with many residents finding it more difficult to find spaces on

their own roads and poorly parked cars pose a threat to road safety in certain areas. I think

this needs to be investigated in order to come up with effective strategies to improve the

situation while making sure that resident's interests are prioritised.


Keeping our streets clean

Together with Watford Conservatives’ initiative, Watford’s Rubbish Friends, where residents

can report litter in their neighbourhood and a team will come and clean it up, I will ensure

Stanboroughs streets are kept up to scratch!


Working together to cut crime

The types of crime we face locally are different to those in nearby areas of Watford, burlaries in

particular are increasing in what is becoming a worrying trend in our ward. I will

work together with local groups to organise a monthly Police Q&A in Stanborough, ensuring

local voices are heard. I will also work with the Police & Crime Commissioner David Lloyd to

maintain community safety, meet the needs of victims and ensure offenders pay.