Sarah Hayes - Borough Council Candidate for Woodside

“Being part of a team that is working to help improve Watford and support its residents wherever we can is really enjoyable and means I am able to give something back to society. It is important that we work hard so the town’s infrastructure is working at its best now and in the future, for generations to come. This can only be achieved by working together across all political parties to ensure our schools, hospital and road networks keep Watford thriving and a great place to live”.

Road safety - We need to be much more vigilant when it comes to our road safety in Woodside and across the town generally. A 6-year-old boy was recently hit by a car on the A405 and was hospitalised as a result of his injuries; we need to take steps to make sure these kinds of accidents do not happen in future. I have contacted the council and held a meeting with Ralph Sangster, the cabinet member for highways, to discuss what measures can be taken to improve our road safety. I am also arranging for a road safety campaigner to give talks in local primary schools to ensure our children are equipped with the right knowledge to stay out of harm’s way.

Crime - Petty crime and burglaries have become too common in our area. We need to come together as a community to combat anti-social behaviour and look out for each other's security and property; this can be achieved by increasing membership of the OWL Neighbourhood Watch scheme. I will also be liaising with the Police & Crime commissioner, David Lloyd, to discuss what else can be done to make our community feel more secure. 

Community health and wellbeing - I have taken a great interest in engaging with the community and making sure residents in Watford are getting the support that they need. We have set up initiatives such as Community Connect, a website geared towards enhancing the connection between businesses, charities and the local community to improve the level of support residents receive and raise awareness of initiatives that can help. I have also been a part of Watford Together, where we have fed the homeless, helped charities with their work and conducted other community projects. 

Transport - This is a key issue across the whole of Watford. I will be working closely with our MP Richard Harrington to provide our town with the transport infrastructure required to continue to promote our growth and prosperity. I also feel that we need more regular buses in Woodside for the elderly that is tailored more closely to their needs at particular times of the day and year.