MP Calls for Action on Postal Delays

Over the summer the Royal Mail announced changes to delivery routes and services. In Watford this has left some people without post for up to a week.

On hearing about these problems, Richard Harrington, Member of Parliament for Watford, arranged a meeting with the Royal Mail to discuss this matter. The meeting will take place at the end of this month. In the meantime he is pushing for an immediate resolution to this problem and is urging the Royal Mail to make the necessary measures to make sure that all people in Watford get the deliveries that they should.

Richard said:

"I understand that with changes to services, there comes a small amount of disruption. It is however, unacceptable for some roads to not have recieved post for over a week.

" I will be having full and frank discussions with Royal Mail and will be asking themto resolve this matter as soon as possible.

"I would encourage people affected to get in contact with me, so that I can raise their case with the Royal Mail, to make sure that everybody recieves the service that they should."

If you would like Richard to raise your case, please submit an email through the website or you can contact his office using the information on this site.